Across The Border: My Friends Virgin Experience To JB Cafe Scene


Cafés in Singapore can get pretty pricy. We all know that. It is hard to find a good café that can justify its price with a reasonable portion and most importantly the taste of their food. So we look beyond the shores to Johor Bahru. With an approximately S$1 = RM3 exchange rate, my friends and I were a little bit excited for our day trip there.

Asian parents are very protective over their children, hence it took some of us years before we could even travel across the border (without adult supervision even though we are adults) but I am glad that my friends were given the chance to start exploring places and I could bring them around.

Many cafés have been popping up around the area and it’s nothing new for those who want to capture great Instagram shots without spending big bucks on food and drinks. Although the list of cafés seemed endless, we could only conquer two cafés. After all, we were there for a day trip.

First cafe: The Replacement – Lodge and Kitchen for brunch.

Second Cafe: Bev C for an afternoon tea.


We then spend the rest of the day exploring the area and making mental notes of other cafe’s we would like to visit in the future. Of course we also took some ooh ooh taa daas or OOTDs for our instagram.

Tony Romas

In the evening, we watched Hidden Figures and were amazed by the cast and movie, had Tony Romas for dinner and did some shopping.

I definitely had an amazing day at JB like I always do, but this time it is different because it was the first time the YMCA clan went together.

Thank you girls. Till Next time.


Be my friend,

Headless Editor


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