10 Things I Hate About Coldplay – Live In Singapore

Hello friends,

I’ve already edited this post 5 times.

Last week I went for my first ever concert. Coldplay – Live in Singapore. Needless to say I was too excited. Hence I dedicate this article to them.

WARNING: The title is clickbait. I said it first. Does anyone really hate Coldplay?

Here are the 10 things I hate about Coldplay.

10. The long waiting time.

I heard that the first person started queuing at 6.30am. I came at 4pm so you can imagine the seemingly endless line.

The amount of time waiting in line seemed to be building up the excitement in me.

Nevertheless, good things come to those who wait and they did not disappoint.

The stage
The first moment when I saw the stage, it became real.

9. Everyone invading your personal buble.

Everyone was pushing to try and get the best view possible.

Sweat, tears and blood (It is possible that I might have accidentally hit someone with my elbow.)

In the end, all that matters was the common love for the band. You really felt like you belong.

The crowd
This wasn’t even full capacity.

8. Fans forgetting the lyrics and bad singers.

Including me. It was an epic karaoke session as the band played music that was uplifting and inspiring.

It was as if we were in some sort of a revolution chanting for freedom and liberation.

Lyrics on screen
Finish the caption. I can turn to …

7. Strained neck and tired legs.

Two hours of pure bliss until I realized my legs and neck are aching.

It must have been that good.

Strained necks and tired legs
Feeling like a giraffe after all that neck workout?

6. Losing your voice

From excessive screaming, singing and cheering.

The Flower Of Life
I don’t really have a photo to represent losing my voice but this image is pretty cool.

5. Energy consuming.

From releasing positive vibes to the people who need it the most. Chris Martin told us to and we just couldn’t say no.

Sleepy eyes
Tired from sending all those positive vibes to people who need it most. Even lyrics need a nap.

4. Migraine inducing lights.

The lights, pyrotechnics and beaming laser that resembles lightsabers were close to triggering my migraine attacks. Luckily, it did not.

Out of focus
Do not adjust the screen. This was what I was seeing after a while.
Don’t they look like lightsabers?
Unicorn lights
Did the unicorn vomit rainbow lights?

3.  Phone cameras. Phone cameras everywhere!

Snapping photos is cool.

A few seconds of video is fine.

Filming most or the whole concert = wasting your ticket.

Would you really want to watch the video with screaming fans in the background and terrible audio or soak in as much as you can?

Through the phone lens
Lights, Camera, Stop recording and enjoy the show!

2. Cheap labour – Using fans as light source.

Okay. Okay. We were all excited to get our very own light wrist bands. It was the definition of being a part of the show.

Connecting us all by using the lights on our wrist. The wrist is where our heartbeat can be found. Together hand in hand… too deep?”

GreenBluePurple or pink?What colour is this?

The number one spot goes to…

1. The end

Just like that two hours flew by and back to reality.

Thank you for the spectacular night and please come back. We love you!

The band.
The bow that hit us all so hard.

Who is cutting onions?


Don’t cry,

Headless Editor


Credits to Yolanda and Ita for providing extra images.


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