Listen To The Shoe – Vans X Dallas Clayton

Hello friends,

Recently, three of my closest friends gifted me a pair of Vans Old Skool shoes as a birthday present.

What makes this pair of Vans so special is the design. A collaboration with artist and author Dallas Clayton. One of my favourite people on Instagram. I first saw his post on my Instagram feed and fell in love with his writings and poetry. Then I got to know that he is also an artist which makes it even better.

He writes children books so don’t expect complex adult level poetry. He keeps it simple and relatable so anyone can enjoy reading them.

Check out this poem of his about kid dreams. The poem that got me hooked and I became a fan.

When he revealed he was going to release a collection with Vans, I was beyond excited. I needed to get my hands on one so badly but had a feeling it might not be available in Singapore. I even thought of buying a pair online and would not mind paying a hefty price on shipping.

Until one day, the same day as my Surprise Staycation, a friend of mine was stalling me the whole day when we came across a Vans store. To my surprise, I saw two of the Dallas Clayton collaboration designs on the shelf and knew I just had to get it.

My lovely friends read my mind and now I have a pair of his shoes.

I’m not one who loves to wear bright clothing or shoes but I’ll make an exception this time.

I wanted to have some fun showcasing the shoes so here are 9 shoe advice you should consider.

Don’t keep your feelings all boxed up inside you.
It’s okay to reveal your true colours.
Depth of Field
Think outside the box. Stay inspired.
The Tag
Always remember to have fun. TAG! YOU’RE IN!
A pair
Stop once in a while and take a deep breath.
Stand up to what you believe in!
Take it one step at a time and keep moving.
Don’t forget where you came from.
Dallas Clayton
Always lend a helping hand.

What are you waiting for. Follow him on Instagram.


Be my friend,

Headless Editor


Special shoutout to Christine, Michelle and Yolanda. Thank you!


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