Seven Months Too Late

Hello friends,

This is another hateful head full post.

Military Police Accesories
Military Police Accesories
Instaxs and Photostrips
This picture sums up my whole NS.
Army Boots
Time to go back to civilian life.

Say what? Has it really been seven months since my Operationally Ready Date (ORD). I can’t say I miss NS but I sure miss my friends.

Change of Guards
Change of guards at the Istana.

I will write about my experiences another time, but for now, this post is a tribute to the Silent Precision Drill Squad SPDS aka Jubilee Squad aka my squad for the times we shared in National Service.

Army Half Marathon Outdoor Training
Army Half Marathon Outdoor Training
Mandatory after dinner photo
Mandatory after dinner photo

I know it took me very long (seven months to be exact) to make the tribute video my squad.

You see, I have an ancient 7 year old laptop that does not do well with heavy video editing. I mean I had to use Windows Movie Maker.





It kept hanging so many times so you can bet that I gave up all those time.

Nevertheless, I was determined to get this video out because I have been taking videos for a whole year and if I didn’t put it out, it would have been for nothing.

So I had to use iMovie on my brother’s Macbook pro. Simple editing, but it served it’s purpose.

SG50 Jubilee Performance
SG50 Jubilee Performance

The videoΒ is just a montage of the events and activities we did as a squad. Most of it is filmed outside the camp because it’s illegal to film in camp.

Saluting the audience
Movement captured
Looks like we’re dancing πŸ’ƒπŸ½

So if you ever wanted to know what I do in National Service, or just FYI, take a glimpse into the world of SPDS aka the military policemen who “spins” rifles.

Click on thisΒ link.

So Cash Us Ousside, How Bout Dah?


Be my friend,

Headless Editor


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