Artbox Singapore 2017

aka Expensive Pasar Malam

Hello Friends,

Welcome to this year’s Artbox Singapore 2017. Singapore’s version of the famous Bangkok hipster market.

Artbox Container
Artbox Singapore 2017

Located next door to Marina Bay Sands, it is no surprise that the prices of the food and items sold were expensive.


  1. The best way not to break the bank when going to events or places like these is to bring your friends along and share the food.
  2. Don’t forget or be lazy to take many pictures because there are so many insta-worthy moments.

At the centre of it all.


Prior to going for the event, I scrolled down my Instagram feed to check out what my friends and other people have to say about Artbox.

“If you love yourself, don’t go.”

“Artbox, more like disappointment cramped place.”

“A more hyped up pasar malam.”

Being a typical Singaporean and also because I promise myself to try and explore new things this year, I just had to go check it out.

I came early when the crowd was just starting to pour in. The advantages of being there early was being able to walk and survey the area first before making any decisions to buy anything.


However, the disadvantage of going in the afternoon was the heat. The sweltering heat and humidity of Singapore’s weather was not forgiving. Luckily I slapped on a sample size of Kiehl’s Sunscreen all over my face and neck before I went out.

Not Headless



Katherine, and I decided to share a coconut ice cream ($5) and a cup of Thai iced tea ($3). Nothing new to us but everything else just not worth the price (in my opinion).

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Thai Iced Tea

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Coconut Ice Cream

That did not stop my other friends, Christine, Yolanda and Michelle, from trying out the various items and I applaud them for being adventurous and spending $$$ but I am on a tight budget. Maybe next time I’ll put aside more money. Check out what they bought.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


The concept was pretty cool. Strings of outdoor fairy lights everywhere, container booths, the Singapore skyline as the backdrop, witty quotes on different containers, and graffiti art.

There was even a small seating area made of faux grass carpet, wooden crates as tables and huge beach umbrellas to shield us from the sun. Emphasis on the word small because as the crowd kept coming, there was a tiny chance of us getting a a table.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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After office hours…on a Friday:

It was ridiculously packed. I had a throwback moment of Coldplay concert when everyone was so close you didn’t have personal space. Moving through the crowd was torture as everyone was literally shoulder to shoulder. Queuing up to get food was even worst. Thankfully we didn’t stay for long.

I did managed to make full use of the night and take a few nice shots like these.


I did have a great time with my friends. It was really one of those things whereby you enjoy it more (or it’s more bearable) when you have friends around. Going early was a good idea even though it was hot as hell. Once in a while, I guess it is alright to splurge and try interesting food.

Same day, different venue:

My friends and I decided to head to Marina Square for Starbucks (Yes Starbucks isn’t cheap but Christine, had a promotion for being a Gold member and we split the cost four ways so it was worth it.) Anyway, we were walking to catch the train when we chance upon an empty store with ample amount of negative space and white wall so we took advantage of the space to take photos.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



Till next time.

Be my friend,

Headless Editor

Credits to Christine, Katherine, Michelle, and Yolanda.


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